Ongoing Websaver Coupons Through 2012

Websaver has a ton of different grocery, beauty coupons and more all which expire in various dates in 2012. Check the offer and then it’s expiration date. Most of these portals are ongoing so you visit this page more than once to see what is currently going on.

  • All Bran Bars Coupons – Expires 11/5/2012 – This portal lists a variety of different offers for Kelloggs own All bran cereal. Check this page for all their offers.
  • Astro Original Greek Coupons – expires 12/31/2012 – Save with offers for this greek yogurt sold at most supermarkets in Canada.
  • Cesar Dog Food Coupons – Expires 12/31/2012 – Save off this brand of dog food. Cesar should be sold at most pet stores.
  • Cetaphil Coupons –  Expires 12/4/2012 – This is a brand of brand of cleansers & moisturizers.  Cetaphil is a trusted brand sold throughout Canada..
  • Clorox Toothbrush Coupon – expires 10/6/2012 –  Buy a toothbrush for less when you visit Clorox’s coupon portal located on Websaver.
  • Colgate 360 Manual Toothbrush Coupon – Expires 11/16/2012 –  Visit their portal and buy one of their special toothbrushes for less. 
  • Colgate Coupons – Expires 11/16/2012 – There is a variety of Colgate offers listed here. Save on your next purchase of Colgate toothpaste and more.
  • Dempster’s Coupons – Expires 12/31/2012 – Want to buy Dempsters bread for less? Just head over to think link to find ongoing offers and more.
  • Garnier Moisture Rescue Coupons – Expires December 15, 2012 – Head on over to see which offers Garnier has released. This is a place to find their ongoing offers and more.
  • Green Works Coupons – They offer economically friendly lawn and garden tools. Their products have zero carbon footprint. So buy products from Green Works and help the environment.
  • Kellogg’s Coupon offers – Expires 11/5/2012  – Save on cereal and other great offers from Kelloggs official brandsaver page.
  • Krinos Coupon – Expires September 4, 2012 – Get greek specialty items for less thanks to this Krinos portal.
  • Life Made Delicious – Get loads of different offers from the official portal of this company. 
  • L’Oreal Coupons – Expires 11/16/2012 – These are a variety of beauty coupons from the french company L’Oreal.  They sell lotions, makeup, fragrances, and more.
  • Maybelline’s Coupons – Valid until 11/7/2012 – Get a range of beauty coupons off makeup, eye liner, and more from Maybelline’s ongoing portal.
  • NOS energy drink Coupon – Expires 11/16/2012 – This is a great energy drink for less now that they have their own coupon portal on Nos.
  • Nutrigrain Bars Coupons – Expires 12/5/2012 – Save with a new offer from Nutrigrain. These are bars that make a great breakfast on the go.
  • Olivieri Coupon – Ongoing – This is a pasta item that you can  save on your next purchase.
  • Right@Home Coupons – Expires 12/31/2012 – This is a company that offers a wide range of grocery coupons.  They often also offer a ton of different coupon booklets from time to time.
  • Speed stick/ Lady Speed stick  Coupons – Expires 12/4/2012 – Both men and women can save on their deodorant.  Speed stick should be sold at most grocery and beauty stores in Canada.
  • Tenderflake Coupons – Ongoing – They say they can help you make the flakiest pastries.  It’s a Canadian favorite.

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Expired? Try the latest for: Beauty, Food / Drink. Post Written: November 21st, 2011

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